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About Us



Why "Bumblebee?"

We’ve all heard that bumblebees should not be able to fly. They have a big butt and little wings.  According to science, they are "aerodynamically incompatible with flight".  …

However, no one seems to have told the bumblebees so they fly anyway.

This came to mind when we decided to turn my father’s labor of love, making fudge, into a business. The economy was down.  Anxiety was up.  People said it wasn't a good time to start a business.

We said, no matter what conditions may look like, one needs to follow their heart and pursue their dreams.

Bumblebee Chocolates has come to life because no one has ever proved to a bumblebee that it can't fly.


The Bumblebee Chocolates Story

The story of Bumblebee Chocolates started back in 1984 with my Dad, Archie.  He decided to make a batch of fudge for our family’s New Year’s Eve party and everyone loved it!

The following Thanksgiving, he made a couple more batches for our friends and family… and a tradition was born. 

Dad’s fudge was so good that soon our friends were saving their cookie tins from year to year and bringing them back around Thanksgiving for Dad to fill up with their favorite flavors. 

People always seem amazed when they first eat or sample our fudge.  Over and over again, people tell us how smooth and creamy it is!  They say they’ve never had anything like it!  Even the people who swear they don’t like fudge can’t wait to get it and share it with their friends and family! 

Over the years, we have found that our fudge (and now added candies) just makes people feel happy. It brings them personal pleasure, and enjoyment by sharing with their friends and family.  When people eat our fudge, they say it brings back memories of family traditions and grandma in the kitchen!    

We want you to have that same experience!

Eating my Dad’s fudge was always a special time for our family and something we always looked forward to.  My dad is no longer with us but his legacy carries on.

Much love
Natasha and Family
Three generations of fudge making


Family, over the years

Linda and Archie Hampton wedding day!  The fudge master and his life long inspiration.  

  My dream to make my dad's fudge available to everyone. Three generations 2011, humble beginnings.

   Husband, dad, grandpa and fudge master, hard at work making his magic.